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Pastor Jackie

Pastor Jackie is a Highly-Esteemed Spiritual Life Coach, Mentor, Motivational Speaker, TV Co-Host and Award Winning Author of the “In The Mirror” Series.

Your first encounter with this Pastor is guaranteed to ignite your passion, stimulate your intellect and challenge your visions. With her transferable energy Pastor Jackie has launched change into the lives of those around her. She has taken empowerment to a new dimension by assisting others not only to be fashionable but functionable!

Pastor Jackie has worked with everyone from the Broadway elite to the Mentally Challenged. She has led New Christian Church, Inc. in Florida since 2002, where she employs her leadership skills and extensive knowledge of the Bible to guide the congregation. She maintained a jail house ministry for four years. Additionally, she serves as a Licensed Pastoral Counselor, Licensed Christian Marriage & Family Therapist, Spiritual Adviser and a Certified Case Manager for the mentally challenged, abused, addicted and cognitive behavioral ministries under the opus of the Benevolence Department. She serves on various community boards and government initiatives. Pastor Jackie is known for her candid and fiery motivation to others.

Her workshop and seminars are liberated experiences developed to activate true exploration of self-identity to help individuals embrace a better image of achievement. It has taken the hopeless to enrichment. And it gets better! Pastor Jackie also created several additional success tools and workbooks to encourage the adaptation of reaching your greatest potential that will stimulate creativity, enhance innovation, ignite passion and challenge the boundaries of progression. She desires to see others like herself. Team Building became her passion and Centralized Training Consultants was birthed. Her educational successes are equally impressive having an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity, as well as a Masters of Arts in Christian Education. She has achieved various certifications in Psychotherapy, DBT, SFBT, Faith-Based Victim Advocacy and Addiction. She has achieved outstanding community service ministries like the After The Darkness and Dark Yet Lovely which have earned her additional honors.


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