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Book Summary

Meet Emotional Intelligence Author Pastor Jackie Montgomery

In the mirror is Pastor Jackie's big debut. What began as an impromptu lifestyle story for her blossomed into a best-selling spiritually charged mental health book. Those that help treat others and teach others need help also. Trauma comes in many forms, what is traumatic to you may not be traumatic to someone else. She recognized that it was a compilation of the little moments that bring big bursts. She's currently working on her other series effort. We can't wait to see what emotional twists she unties next!



Many people help others but neglect help for themselves. This is the profession for the professionals, the therapy for the therapists, the counsel for the counselors, the education for the educator and more..... I dare you to take a few minutes to help you!

Pastor Jackie has a master's degree in Christian Education from Metropolitan University. Previously a writer of training and development curriculum she happily extended her Christian teaching into a rewarding career as an inspirational author. Pastor Jackie wrote a series of articles on understanding emotional abuse and intelligence, conflict resolution and living with mental disorders that received favorable reviews from mental health professionals and readers alike. The best part: working from her heart, she gets to relate more with the people she assists from all walks of life.

Other works and upcoming works from Pastor Jackie:

Series 1 - In The mirror Mapped- All Over the Map opens the heart to Emotional Intelligence (EI)
Series 2 - In The Mirror Snares- Strongholds & Triggers
Series 3 - In The Mirror Led- Leadership Neglect and Voids
Series 4 - In The Mirror Imagination - Young People's Blockbusters
Series 5 - In The Mirror Fight - Whatever The Gender

She Pastor Jackie is a woman of God who believes in applying the bible to her life experiences in order to cope with her every day journey. She grow-up being picked on, singled out and cast down. She has a Master’s Degree in Christian Education and thirteen years of relationship and counseling experience. She has served constituents as a Spiritual Advisor, Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy, Case Manager for mentally challenged, abused, and addicted to include the professionally and spiritually ignored. She has been dubbed the (EI) author.

Pastor Jackie is known for her candid and fiery motivation to others. She had to maintain her stand as a Christian while being exposed to character assassination, taken advantage of, black mailed, set-up and sexually harassed. She learned through a series of events that God’s word sustained her and allowed her to be delivered through finding herself in the Word of God that she can share with others to do the same. She desired to share that “while I’m praying moment, help me cope”. Please look forward to her In the Mirror series categorized by status and class to give more in-depth coping of emotional struggles exhibited in the Word of God. In her capacity the experiences she was exposed to were coupled with her own life struggles which screamed visions of help me cope! Because of her spiritual growth curves she is not afraid to share in her application of biblical breakthroughs.

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