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Meet Emotional Intelligence (EI) Author Pastor

In the mirror is Pastor Jackie’s big debut. What began as an impromptu lifestyle story for her blossomed into a best-selling spiritually charged mental health book of coping. Those that help treat others and teach others need help also. Her series has also been dubbed the Counsel for Counselors. Trauma comes in many forms, what is traumatic to you may not be traumatic to someone else. She recognized that it was a compilation of the little moments that bring big bursts. She’s currently working on her other series effort. We can’t wait to see what emotional twists she unties next!


Many people help others but neglect help for themselves. This is the profession for the professionals, the therapy for the therapists, the counsel for the counselors, the education for the educator and more….. I dare you to take a few minutes to help you!

Pastor Jackie wrote a series of articles on understanding emotional abuse and intelligence, conflict resolution and living with mental disorders that received favorable reviews from mental health professionals and readers alike. The best part: is working from her heart, she gets to relate more with the people she assists from all walks of life.

Upcoming short story series:

Series 1 – In The mirror “Uncommon Discovery”
Uncommon Discovery
Series 2 – In The Mirror “Polished But Torn”
Turn The Life Page Cover
Series 3 – In The Mirror “Haven’t Arrived Yet”
Turn The Life Page Cover
Series 4 – In The Mirror “Vices & Devices”
Turn The Life Page Cover
Series 5 – In The Mirror “Clouds of Witnesses”
Turn The Life Page Cover
Series 6 – In The Mirror “Back To The Basics”
Back To The Basics Cover
Series 7 – In The Mirror “Out Of The Dark Room”
Turn The Life Page Cover

These coping books support Awareness, Men, Women, Leaders, Strongholds & Triggers, Deliverance and Start Overs. She Pastor Jackie is a woman of God who believes in applying the bible to her life experiences in order to cope with her every day journey. She grow-up being picked on, singled out and cast down. Pastor Jackie is known for her candid and fiery motivation to others which is poured out into her book series. Because of her spiritual growth curves she is not afraid to share in her application of biblical breakthroughs.

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