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Centralized Training Consultants offers a “full” range of Business Consultants to help improve performance and efficiency with services for Disable Children and Adults having a special emphasis on Dual Disability. These professionals analyze, access and create solutions while also helping companies and individuals meet their goals. Our skilled consultants are Relational, Diverse, Approachable and Specialists providing advice in the Central Florida, Carolina and Georgia areas. We strive to ensure our consultants have diverse clinical backgrounds, to allow us to match each client to the advisor that will best meet his or her needs.

Mission: To nurture and cultivate via educational and socialized community resources.

At Centralized Training Consultants we provide business, Individual, Group and Family advice for almost every issue.

Centralized Training Consultants began October 2014 and is the only known dual based organization in Florida. A group of professionals started a round table of community assessments with a determination of no uniqueness in organizational and individual needs. We determined that although there are great organizations abroad, many organizations can only scratch the service and never reach the root of support. Most organizations provide number produced results while Centralized Training Consultants has the momentum to spend valued time for durable results.

Centralized Training Consultants has a myriad of projects that assist the communities at large. We rely on donations, insurance, private pay, contracts and grants as a major funding source.

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