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Program Summary

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What is unique about our programs?

Our programs are designed to benefit each client. Oftentimes, programs are structured the same and can miss the derivation of the individual’s true need. Centralized Training Consultants offers the privilege of overall program which intends to focus more directly on each situation. The following are our most popular programs for employment, health, and finance:

“From Here to Where” – a program designed to provide continuance and motivation.

“I Know Better Now” – a program designed for generational trauma that is often overlooked in the average training, coaching, and counseling sessions.

“Deal With It” – a program designed to challenge and confess your personal views preventing the discovery of a better you.

“In The Mirror” – a program designed to expose the unacknowledged emotional struggles of everyday life.

“Close the Gap” – a program for the misunderstood disabled adult. A physical disability is recognized, however, approximately, three percent of Americans are mentally challenged and unaware. The mentally challenged face the same emotional challenges other adults face but don’t always receive the same level of attention and understanding from others. Unfortunately, their emotions and feelings are overlooked and brushed aside. Mentally disabled adults are often misunderstood. They are like other people except they learn at a slower pace and/or have experienced childhood trauma from their physical disability.

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