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Centralized Training Consultants is a servicer of consulting opportunities for business and individuals that seek to improve. We operate with a goal to provide empowerment to all communities and constituents at large. We provide care and support when you don’t realize you are in crisis.

Our targeted services include:

Spiritual Life Coach & Mentoring is designed to tap into your full potential that will help sharpen skills, and motivate. This is an individual who guides another individual from where they are in life, to where they want to be in life. Someone who aims to help and empower others.

  • Self – Identity to make key decisions and designing strategies for success
  • EI Interview, Coping, and Assessment Skills
  • Identifying Emotional Hot Buttons – Managing Anger, Upsets, Frustration, and Stress
  • Managing Grief, Loss, Sadness, and Lifestyle Changes
  • Blasting through blocks and fears to get to Confidence, Self Worth vs. Self Esteem
  • Building powerful and Loving Relationships that Work
  • Career Change – Creating Workplaces That Work
  • The Mastery of Balance Between Personal and Business Life
  • Self-Care Getting Your Own Needs Met
  • Living Your Purpose and breaking through the glass ceiling
  • Making important life transitions
  • Time management cycles
  • Getting and achieving goals and objectives
  • Overcome feelings of inadequacy and emotional triggers
  • Confidently dominate your vision
  • Disabled
  • Dual Case
  • Cognitive Disorders
  • Physical Impairments

Five Reasons the Classroom is needed in a world of social media and technology?

1. The environment of motivated people surrounding you will enhance your relationships skills alone through the power of affirmation.
2. It helps you avoid missing the big picture. In class, you will be more to focused, observant, and creative instead skimming, skipping, and getting to what you are looking for.
3. The expertise of trainer who knows how to help you set the right goals, make more money, and structure your personal and professional life.
4. Being in the midst of other people will help you break through your limited beliefs and challenge you to think bigger.
5. Provides an avenue of continuance, motivation, and innovation not obtained in a microwavable mindset.

What is Advocacy? It is s a process of supporting and enabling people to: Access information and services. Express their views and concerns.Explore choices and options. Defend and promote their rights and responsibilities.

CTC can harness specialist techniques based on core psychological and spiritual principals to support people to confidently face difficult situations, push past emotional barriers and eventually view life with fresh, hopeful and enlightened eyes which include knowledge of:

A) Subjectivity: We all have different perspectives about world and some perspectives are restrictive. Perspectives can stop a person becoming who they want to be and getting to where they need to go.

B) Guidance: There is a difference between a guide and an instructor. A guide provides the support and tools a person needs to achieve for themselves and an instructor shows a person exactly what to do.

C) Empowerment: It is within everyone’s capability to adjust the limits of their own outlook. With the help of life coaching, anyone can learn to open their mind if they wish.

Ministerial Training

Training and Education are two very different things. Training provides hands-on experience for which you can build upon with or without educational expertise. This will provide the concept of ministry and the presentation of ministry combined.

  • Funeral & Weddings Services
  • Ordinations & Ministerial Services
  • Pastoral Care
  • Support Group Services
  • Outreach Techniques
  • Trauma & Grief Services
  • Community Services
  • Caregiver
  • Partnership & Collaboration
  • Community Innovations

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